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Saniya Minerals is amongst the largest wholesale dealers of precious and semi-precious gemstones in India. We started quite a long time ago, almost 20 years, and it all began with our training in this perfect art of lapidary. As soon as we started, we come to realize that it is going to be a big challenge and at the same time great learning experience, as well. Creating new varieties of stones regularly was an interesting and tough task. But our hard work did pay off when a stone revealed its actual beauty after we have cut it.

Today we are at a level that we own full functional lapidary workshops in Pune and Jaipur, India where we make a large variety of Coloured stone cabochons, tumbled stones, spheres, and many other such shapes as per your demand. We also manufacture jewelry items with these gemstones.

Our artwork is displayed in Munich Mineral show every year which is then exported to our clients throughout the world.

You can choose and order any item as per your needs and we will make sure to deliver the best quality possible with fine artistry.