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  • Cavansite Gemstones

      Buy Natural Cavansite Gemstones in Different Blue Shades

      Cavansite Gemstone is considered as the stone of transition through major life changes. It is a beautiful and one of the rarest minerals that forms sparkling blue crystals. Cavansite mineral in India, can only be found in a small town. The gemstone helps in healing the eyes, the throat, the kidneys and bladder  for a human. Saniya Minerals offers a wide range of cavansite gemstone for sale that people can buy online. This beautiful Cabochon of Cavansite  Gemstone are handmade and has been polished in our lapidary in India. These are specially manufactured considering certain aspects such as the craft type, materials, length and width of the gemstone.
    • Length: 5-10 mm, 10-15 mm
    • Width: 4-6 mm
    • This beautiful Cabochon of Cavansite  Gemstone has been polished in our lapidary in India.
  • chevron amethyst stone

      Buy Chevron Amethyst Semi Precious Gemstone: Amethyst Crystal for Sale

      Chevron Amethyst is a type of semi precious gemstone material which is hugely popular due to its lovely pattern of white Quartz and purple Amethyst. According to gemstone experts, amethyst crystal is a powerful healer that combines the amplifying power of Quartz with psychic properties of Amethyst. That's a major reason why people prefer to buy a chevron amethyst gemstone over others. A Chevron amethyst gemstone can only be found in found in a country named Nambia, a Southwest side of Africa. But people seeking to buy an amethyst crystal online in India, can visit Saniya Mineral's website. Here they will come across a wide range of other precious and semi-precious gemstones also, including a Chevron Amethyst. Feel free to inquire about the pricing by filling the details below.  
    • Length: 25-40 mm
    • Width: 5-7 mm
    • This beautiful Cabochon of Chevron Amethyst Gemstone has been polished in our lapidary in India.
    • Tiger Iron Stone for Sale: High Quality Natural Iron Tiger Eye Gemstone

      A Tigers Eye Stone, also known as Iron Tiger Gemstone,  is a kind of crystal surrounded by some lovely yellow-golden color bands which looks really attractive. Iron Tiger Gemstone is a mighty stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety, that also aids harmony and balance. You can easily find an Tiger Iron for sale anywhere online but buying a Tiger Eye Stone Online from Saniya Minerals will be of great advantage to you. We dedicate ourselves and work according to your desires. We can assure you the best of quality along with a fine workmanship. To know the pricing of an Iron Tiger Gemstone, please fill the below form and we will get back to soon with the best deal.  
    • Length: 30-70 mm
    • Width: 5-6 mm
    • This beautiful Cabochon of Iron Tiger Gemstone has been polished in our lapidary in India.
  • seraphinite stone online

      Cabochon Seraphinite Gemstone in Different Shapes

      A Seraphinite gemstone is a true Stone of Connection. Seraphinite is a trademark name for a certain kind of clinochlore, which is a member of the chlorite group. Seraphinite gemstone basically helps you to connect with your angels. It basically indicates determination and sociability. People seeking to buy some beautiful Seraphinite for online should go for Saniya Minerals. Saniya Minerals manufactures and sells the most attractive Seraphinite Gemstones online in India. One of the major advantage of buying seraphinite stone online from us is, you will end up getting the best deal in the market. Our team always keep in mind the budget constraints of our customers and tends to deliver these gemstones at cheapest  prices. Fill the below form if you want to inquire the pricing.  
    • Length: 35-60 mm
    • Width: 4-5 mm
    • This beautiful Cabochon of Seraphinite Gemstone has been polished in our lapidary in India.