//Banded Agate

Banded Agate

    Banded Agate Gemstones with Attractive Color Patterns

    Banded Agate Gemstones are amongst the healing stones which are taken into consideration for calmness, good luck and wealth. Appearance wise, these gemstones have beautiful color patterns and banding which make them look translucent gems and unique, as well. People prefer these banded agate stones only because of their amazing characteristics of overcoming an individual’s negative emotion by returning love and balancing the chakras.

    With its own distinctive habit, Banded Agate Gemstones can have many isolated styles and patterns. We at Saniya Minerals manufacture and sell all kind of Agate Gemstones. You can choose your favorite from our collection and buy any banded agate stone online from anywhere in India.


  • Length: 20-50 mm
  • Width: 4-6 mm
  • This beautiful Cabochon of Banded Agate Gemstone has been polished in our lapidary in India.


  • Handmade item

  • Length: 20-50 mm

  • Width: 4-6 mm
  • Craft type: Jewellery making

  • Materials: Natural, Banded Agate, Cabochon, Stone, Gemstone


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