Buy Natural Cavansite Gemstones in Different Blue Shades

    Cavansite Gemstone is considered as the stone of transition through major life changes. It is a beautiful and one of the rarest minerals that forms sparkling blue crystals. Cavansite mineral in India, can only be found in a small town. The gemstone helps in healing the eyes, the throat, the kidneys and bladder  for a human.

    Saniya Minerals offers a wide range of cavansite gemstone for sale that people can buy online. This beautiful Cabochon of Cavansite  Gemstone are handmade and has been polished in our lapidary in India.

    These are specially manufactured considering certain aspects such as the craft type, materials, length and width of the gemstone.

  • Length: 5-10 mm, 10-15 mm
  • Width: 4-6 mm
  • This beautiful Cabochon of Cavansite  Gemstone has been polished in our lapidary in India.



  • Handmade item

  • Length: 5-10 mm, 10 -15mm

  • Width: 4-6 mm
  • Craft type: Jewellery making

  • Materials: Natural, Cavansite , Cabochon, Stone, Gemstone



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